Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

A Mod for Jedi Academy—FAQ

Q. What is Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II?

A. Jedi Knight is the sequel to the 1995 LucasArts classic first-person shooter, Dark Forces.

Q. What is your motivation for creating the Jedi Knight mod?

A. The original Jedi Knight had a breathtaking sense of scale and level design not often found in the later games, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. It also had the best story out of all four games and is an indisputable classic (feel to free to dispute it—we still think it’s great!). Considering the age and quality of the graphics engine in comparison to today’s technology, however, it is not likely that many gamers will get the chance to experience this fantastic game the way it deserves to be.

Q. Is this the official Jedi Knight mod?

A. Yes. The project was originally “unofficial” since we were waiting for the return of Mr. Katarn, who had begun his own mod. After more than a year without hearing from him, however, we have decided that it’s time to go official.

Q. How much have you accomplished?

A. So far, we have converted the original videos from .smk to .roq format, converted all 21 original levels (including both versions of the later missions), completed most of the Nar Shadda and Yun texture sets, and created new menu start up menus. A preliminary version of the mod has also been completed, mostly so team members can view their work in context.

Q. What are .smk’s and .roq’s?

A. .smk is the file format used for the full-motion videos in Jedi Knight. Also known as “smacker”, these files are incompatable with Jedi Academy’s .roq format video files.

Q. Will the Jedi Knight mod be using the original full motion videos or new in-game rendered versions?

A. The original .smk video files have all been expertly converted to .roq format by team leader Shamus and will serve as cutscenes for the mod, until more time, effort, and man-power can be devoted toward in-game recreations. Needless to say, any demo release will most likely use the original cutscenes.

Q. When are you planning to release a demo?

A. When it’s ready.

Q. Have any levels been finished yet?

A. Yes. Yun: The Dark Youth, though it may still undergo some changes before the mod is finished.

Q. What other levels are currently being worked on?


Q. Have their been any other attempts to recreate Jedi Knight?

A. Yes. In 2002, following the release of Jedi Outcast, a different team began working on a Jedi Knight mod. Unfortunately, due to issues with their website, personal circumstances, and lack of progress, that team disbanded. Later, in 2004, Mr. Katarn, a member of LucasForums, attempted to resurrect the project but disappeared soon afterwards. That is when Shamus set up the DF2Mod website and the unofficial (now official) Jedi Knight mod began.

Q. What is the web address of the official Jedi Knight Mod?

A. You’re soaking in it! ;-)

Q. Where can I discuss the mod? Are there forums?

A. The current home of the mod forums is, at least until we are able to get one hosted at LucasForums. ;-) Discussion of the mod can also be done in the DF2Mod threads in the Dark Forces Mod forum (LucasForums -> Jedi Knight series -> Hosted Forums -> Dark Forces Mod) or in the Showcase forum (LucasForums -> Jedi Knight series -> Showcase Forum -> Mapping).

Q. How can I go about contacting the mod if I would like to contribute and/or join the team?

A. Email Shamus at and send samples of your best work. Include your skills and links to any materials you might have released. If you’ve got what it takes, we want you on the team! If your talents are meager but show promise and you’re willing to work hard on improving your skill set, we’d love to have you on board as well!

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