ELF support for RMAC.
[rmac] / riscasm.c
2017-04-14 Shamus HammonsELF support for RMAC.
2017-01-31 Graeme HinchliffeImproved indexed reg error
2015-10-07 Shamus HammonsFix NULL pointer dereference bug.
2015-10-07 Shamus HammonsFix for bug #34 (equated reg in 1st operand of MOVEI).
2015-03-04 Shamus HammonsFix for incorrect PACK/UNPACK generation. Thanks to...
2015-02-01 Shamus HammonsFixed a nasty bug that dropped symbols that shouldn...
2015-01-16 Shamus HammonsMisc. whitespace cleanups, removal of unneeded code.
2015-01-16 Shamus HammonsFix for spurious 'undefined register equate' error.
2015-01-13 Shamus HammonsFixed bug with -l switch.
2014-05-17 Shamus HammonsFixed word reversed fixup problem.
2014-02-23 Shamus HammonsFix for extraneous newlines in .print directive.
2014-01-13 Shamus HammonsAdded "legacy mode" to assembler, which is on by default.
2013-09-12 Shamus HammonsFixed segfault on encountering unexpected register...
2013-03-04 Shamus HammonsVarious code cleanups, mainly to do with RISC assembly.
2013-03-02 Shamus HammonsFix silly mask bugs, added check for use of undefined...